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Edinburgh’s Grassmarket

Edinburgh’s Grassmarket

The Grassmarket is a must see for anyone visiting Edinburgh. Steeped in dramatic history, amazing shopping, eclectic bars and full of literary greats, there is something for everyone. Visit Edinburgh’s Grassmarket on your next self-drive tour of Scotland with Celtic Tours.

The Grassmarket boasts a wonderfully eclectic range of shops. A paradise of Scottish designers, artisans and independent merchants selling everything from gourmet food and drink and luxurious knitwear to cutting edge fashions, antique books and unique gifts. Most shops are owner operated; adding to the feeling that your shopping experience is truly special.

From Willie Wordsworth and Robert Burns to JK Rowling, visitors will find themselves immersed in Edinburgh’s rich literary scene. Many of the cafés in the area provided JK Rowling with the perfect atmosphere to write her first Harry Potter book, stop in for a rest in between shopping and sightseeing in Scotland’s capital city. Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, travelers will enjoy stunning views of Edinburgh Castle, well preserved cobble stone streets and medieval architecture. Try to take some time to investigate the historic Grassmarket, one of the most vibrant, picturesque and convivial areas of the city.

Historically, the Grassmarket was a site for hangings and revelry. A popular story in Edinburgh is that of Maggie Dickson, a fishwife from Musselburgh who was hanged in the Grassmarket in 1728 for murdering her own baby. After the hanging, her body was taken back to Musselburgh in a coffin. However, on the way there she awoke. Under Scots Law she had served her punishment. Only later were the words "until dead" added to the sentence of hanging. It was also to some extent seen as divine intervention, and so she was allowed to go free. In later life (and legend) she was thereafter referred to as Half-Hangit Maggie. There is now a pub named after Maggie situated on the Grassmarket.