Travel Alert - Coronavirus Update

UPDATE: 10/05/2020

To our valued customers,

Thank you for checking in and I hope you are staying safe. This global pandemic has affected so many people in so many ways, we know first-hand the difficulty this year has brought.
We are still here for you and as we head into our 49th year in business, we will continue to be. I cannot thank our loyal travel partners enough for your continued support and bookings. We look forward to travel once again and we are hopeful for 2021!

Sadly, we have had to furlough some truly talented people on our staff. This was completely unavoidable. But rest assured, our team remains strong and once travel resumes, we will build back our team of talent in no time.

To our valued travel advisor partners who have stayed with us and moved their bookings to later this year and into 2021, thank you for your business. For those that were not able to change plans, we hope that when travel returns, you will consider booking with Celtic Tours.

As of October 05, 2020, we have moved and or cancelled all remaining 2020 bookings. My staff continues to work hard to accommodate all the changes and refunds that were due. We thank those that have the made decision to stay with us and move to an alternative date. 
We do understand the urgency for a refund and we are processing all land refunds as quickly as we can. We are providing full refunds on land and insurance where and when applicable*.
Regarding airfare: Flights are under airline rules and restrictions. We must follow their rules on all flight cancellations and re-bookings. Some airlines have restrictions on when re-bookings need to be done and for what date. Each airline is different. Please call and/or email to find out what rules and regulations affect your current flight (if booked with Celtic Tours).
Where refunds are due based on the airline booked and their rules, we are processing them. We appreciate your patience as we wait on these refunds.
Please feel free to reach out by phone (800-833-4373) or email: or with any questions or concerns or to find out the status of your booking. For general information requests please send to
Our office hours are currently Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Our emergency phone is not available at this time, as no one is traveling. Once travel resumes, we will re-instate our emergency phone.
I would like to share our #CelticStrong video with you in hopes to inspire you and let you know we look forward to working with you again and bringing you the best service Celtic Tours is known to provide.
We are in the process of updating our website with 2021 tours….new tours are being added regularly. So please visit for new tours and updates. Thank you again! We appreciate you. 
God Bless,
Kathleen Writer
Celtic Tours
*Not all land items and/or insurance policies are refundable depending on WHEN a booking/group was canceled and nature of the insurance policy. Some reservations purchased non-refundable hotels and/or paid deposits but canceled before travel restrictions affected them. Additionally, bookings that choose to cancel BEFORE a date was affected are subject to penalties applied. Also those that moved dates into 2021/2022 - and looked to cancel now would be subject to our penalties as well, as we anticipate travel to resume. Unfortunately, refunds are not retroactive in these cases.