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Scotland's Highlands

Scotland's Highlands

Scotland's Highlands

Scotland’s largest region, the Highlands, is home to hundreds of iconic locations. The Highlands are filled with dramatic landscapes, composed of majestic mountains, and mysterious lochs. It is little wonder that visitors from all over the world are compelled to visit this magical area. Some of the most popular destinations in this area include Glencoe, Inverness, and the Isle of Skye.


Glencoe Scotland highlandsGlencoe Scotland
Deep valleys and towering mountains create the stunning scenery of Glencoe. The road through Glen Coe takes you through the heart of an ancient volcano. Follow the Glen Coe Geotrail to find out more about how glaciers and fiery explosions carved out the glen's rugged mountain peaks. While in Glencoe, pay a visit to the Glencoe National Nature Reserve, a place full of rare beauty, remarkable landscape, and ample wildlife. 


Iverness Scotland highlandsInverness Castle Scotland
If you are looking for a city escape while in the Highlands, Inverness will provide you with a compact, cosmopolitan city with a lot of heart. With a flourishing culinary scene, plentiful retail options, and ample historical places, Inverness will allow visitors to enrich themselves in the Scottish culture.

Isle of Skye
Ise of skye scotland highlandsIsle of Skye Scotland cliffs

The Isle of Skye is one of the top locations in Scotland to visit. It’s famous landscapes and scenery will leave you breathless as you wander around one of Scotland’s most scenic natural wonders. Not only does the island itself have a rich, diverse, history from Dinosaur Fossils to Clan Warfare, however, the island is also a great destination for wildlife watching. With ample wildlife, visitors will be able to watch for eagles, otters, seals, whales, and dolphins to name a few.

The Highlands really is the Scotland of your imagination. There is a natural playground which begs to explored, inviting visitors from all over the world to come and wander.

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