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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

The Stunning Performance on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

Every year people from all over the world come together in remembrance of Saint Patrick on March 17th. This day originally began as a religious feast, however, it has evolved into a day of festivities and parties. While you are sure to find festivities in many American cities, nothing compares to celebrating in the Emerald Isle itself.

st patricks day paradest patricks day parade dublin

Bands, Performers, Floats and Fun!

The festivities of St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin truly cannot be beaten. These festivities are so grand in fact, that the city allocates an entire week to celebrate, during the St. Patrick’s Festival. During the week the city offers a variety of events for you to enjoy whether traveling by yourself, with friends, or your family. Explore art, music, funfairs, and a parade to truly embrace the Irish Culture.

st patricks day parade dublinst patricks day parade dublin

Year of Origin

st patricks day parade dublinst patricks day parade dublin

Dublin has hosted this festival as a celebration since 1996, with the goal of creating one of the greatest celebrations in the world. The St. Patrick’s Day parade offers plenty of color with an array of Ireland’s street performers and marching bands. With such grand celebrations, you are sure to find activities, events, and food that will leave you feeling nothing but satisfied.

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