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5 Tips For Your Scotland Self Drive

5 Tips For Your Scotland Self Drive

5 Tips For Your Scotland Self Drive

Self Drive with Celtic Tours

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned road trip, singing tunes in the car with the windows down, getting a little lost, and discovering the beauty of a new place? Road trips are the perfect vacation option for those travelers who want a little more independence in their vacation, especially if you are budget conscious. 

1. Download Your Route on Google Maps and Allow for Extra Time

Google maps for traveling abroad

When renting a car overseas, you should be aware that you are not always going to find a GPS in your vehicle. A GPS does come at an extra cost, and are available on request, which means that it isn’t guaranteed that you will get one. The workaround? Download your route from Google Maps onto your phone before you go, this will allow you to have access to your map, even if you don’t have internet service! It is also worth pointing out that you will want to account for a bit of extra time on your route – keep in mind that the roads are windy and narrower than what we are used to in the U.S.

2. Invest in an Automatic Car

automatic car rental

When booking a car in the U.K., a manual car is going to be cheaper. However, if you are uncomfortable with a stick shift, I would highly recommend opting for an automatic vehicle. Not only will you be driving on the “wrong” side of the road, but you will also be in a new place. Save yourself the stress and opt for the automatic if it makes you feel more comfortable.

3. Take the Scenic Route

Scotland scenic drives

The beauty of a self-drive vacation is the freedom and flexibility you have in your day-to-day itinerary. Take advantage of this flexibility and discover the more scenic areas within Scotland, maybe even visit some of Scotland’s more remote, harder to reach areas?

4. Watch for Animals

Highland cows wildlife Scotland

One of the wonderful things about Scotland is the ample wildlife. While in Scotland it isn’t uncommon to see sheep, deer, or even some of the Highland cattle alongside the road. That being said, you just want to be mindful of the wildlife while driving.

5. Stop for Photos and Breaks

scotland attractions

This may be one of the most useful tips – if you are driving along and something catches your eye, stop! One of the joys about having your own vehicle is the freedom to stop and stretch whenever you would like. Don’t forget to get out to stretch, grab a bite of food, or simply stop to admire the views as you are driving along – it will make the road trip a lot more enjoyable!

If you want freedom to see the sights on your own time and experience the open road a self-drive tour is for you. Celtic Tours can help you customize your trip today.