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Visiting Mizen Head

Visiting Mizen Head

About Mizen Head

Mizen Head offers amazing scenic views from the south west of Ireland, in County Cork Ireland. These cliffs stretch out into the treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean, causing a dangerous environment for sailors. A signal station, or light house, was built over 100 years ago to warn sailors of the cliffs during the evening. This signal station, the views of the majestic cliffs themselves, and the Visitor Center are all reasons in which tourists find themselves visiting this popular attraction.

Extra Adventure

Signal station at mizen head

Looking for a little adventure? Tourists who are up for a little excitement can visit the signal station. You may be wondering what thrill one could possibly receive from a seeing a lighthouse? Well, the adventure lays in getting to the station. To get to the station you must first be willing to cross the arched bridge, and take on 99 steps.

The Bridge 

Mizen head bridge

While crossing the bridge, make sure to observe the views around you, and below you! You may be lucky enough to spot some dolphins, seals, or whales in the waters below. And if you are feeling a little worn out from the trek out to the lighthouse, you can relax and enjoy a bite to eat at the visitor center.

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